SEO copywriting or Search Engine Copywriting primarily means writing copies to enrich a website by promoting its purposes. 

Copywriting is a classic job, however, in case of SEO copywriting the copywriter has to consider certain goals which are essential in relation to internet marketing.  

Copywriting is generally done for promotional purposes.  In case of they use copywriting to augment the search engine rankings for a particular website.

Search engine 

Tries to identify the words entered in its search field from the host of websites registered with it. These words are called as “keywords”. 

Keyword density, distribution pattern, and page wise usage of keywords and key phrases are some of the important factors which affect the result of a keyword search. 

However, this does not imply that writing contents rich in keywords will definitely make your site rank top in a search result page.

  They track the level and source of traffic flow into every site and keep a tab on the performances of ads, banners, and links posted in each of them.  Even if such techniques can deceive the search engines they cannot do so for long.

Search engines have several other parameters to gauge the quality of a site.

If you have to maintain a consistent traffic of aspiring readers for your site.

the only way out is to optimize your site both in terms of quantity and quality. 

The new pages added to your site should contain wide range of information.

The new pages added to your site should contain wide range of information.

This might improve the traffic flow for a week or so but the visitors who read such artificial contents will neither revisit the site nor will they fall for any ads displayed on your site. 

The main function of any website is to satisfy the readers and provide them with whatever they are looking for.  If a site is successful in doing this then rest of the commercialization will happen automatically